Player Concussions & Injuries (Muskrat Minor Hockey)

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When a potential concussion has occurred, the team Trainer is the first point of contact with the injured player. The Trainer will evaluate the player in question, using appropriate protocols and will make a determination based on their assessment of the player.

If the Trainer determines that the player may be concussed or is showing symptoms of a possible concussion, then they WILL deem that player unfit to play until assessed by a Physician. No player can return to play until the attending Physician has given the player clearance to do so in writing. The Trainer’s decision is final and cannot be overturned by the Coaching staff or the Parents until the above-mentioned criteria have been met. (HEO 6.12 Concussion Return to Play Protocol).

Return to Play form – to be completed by the physician, physio, Nurse Practioner prior to the player returning on the ice.

6 Six step Return to Play – found on page 2 of the concussion card

When do I need to complete an Injury Report?
(Insurance information is also on this page)

Injury Report in English – part one completed by the trainer, part two by the doctor

Where does the Trainer/Manager send the completed forms?

By Mail to: Hockey Eastern Ontario

813 Shefford Road

Richcraft Sensples

Ottawa, ON

K1J 8H9

By Fax to: (613) 224-6079

By email to: [email protected] and carbon copy