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Jan 29, 2024 | Amy Mackenzie | 1151 views
The Ontario Hockey Dressing Room Policy: Effective Feb. 1, 2024
From Hockey Eastern Ontario today, Bulletin 23/25-005:  The Ontario Hockey Dressing Room Policy goes into effect on Thursday, February 1, 2024.


In Summary, with links:

1. Frequently Asked Questions document, including background information and rationale to the Ontario Hockey Dressing Room Policy. Dressing Room Policy FAQ

(An excerpt from the FAQ:)
Base Layer What does minimum attire/base layer mean?
• Minimum attire covers from the upper thigh to the shoulder area. The minimum attire rule ensures that there is no nudity in the dressing room. A base layer is intended to cover an individual’s pelvic region and torso. The baseline level of attire in the common area of dressing rooms should be like the minimum standard of what would be acceptable in a public area of the arena.

What are examples of base layers?
• Shorts, compression shorts, a t-shirt or sports bra.

Do you need to wear wet equipment or base layer home?
• Everyone may get changed out of their equipment after practices and/or games. There is no requirement that equipment must be changed at home. Athletes may change out of their wet base layer into new clothes or clothes that they wore to the rink. The Dressing Room Policy requires that if needing to get fully undressed, to do so in a private area, like a washroom stall.

Can you still shower at the rink?
• Yes. Participants who wish to shower at the rink, are still allowed. The policy includes a recommendation for a base layer when using open concept showers - change into a bathing suit, or wear a towel or min attire until you get into the shower and have privacy

2. Recording from the Ontario Hockey Dressing Room Policy Education Session.  Link
(An excerpt from the Recording:)

The WHY of Minimum Attire:
• The dressing room is a team place, free of open nudity
Privacy is an increasing need, especially among youth
• Many existing facilities have limited options (for multiple change rooms per team)
• Min attire is a quick way to address lack of privacy
• Easier to implement the Rule of 2  - two adults supervising one room, instead of adults in multiple rooms
• Min attire provides a confidence level for dressing room supervision that minimizes exposure of coaches to nudity of youth players
• The bathing suit recommendation for open concept showers has been a common-sense approach for years in many sports and schools

The HOW of Minimum Attire:
• Taking 10 minutes to speak with your team about this policy, and encourage questions and solutions for your arena facilities
• Arriving at the rink wearing minimum attire under clothing
• Ensuring there are private spaces to change into minimum attire - arena washrooms, stall in dressing room, adding screens to dressing rooms, or using a towel to cover up while changing into minimum attire - wrap a towel around body to remove used underwear and replace with new underwear

Dressing Room Supervision - The Rule of 2
Member associations will have their own supervision policies, but the CORE PRINCIPLES must be
• Two Team or Association Officials, properly screened;
• Once such Official and a second adult person associated with the team that is screened; or
• In emergency situations, one such Official and a second adult person associated with the team (i.e. a team parent)

-The above video also includes how to handle accommodation requests made to a Coach/Team or Association
-A question in the video was how to meet this policy when a player prefers to not wear a shirt under their shoulder pads.  Answer - the player will need to go to a private area (i.e. washroom stall, shower area, an empty room) to remove their shoulder pads and put a shirt on.
-The fundamental change in this policy is that everyone requires minimum attire, whether someone on the team has asked for a dressing room accommodation or not.  If a player wishes to be in less than minimum attire, then they need to go to a secluded area until they are in minimum attire.

3. The Ontario Hockey Dressing Room Policy. Link

4. The Ontario Hockey Dressing Room Policy Implementation Guide. Link

5. The Ontario Hockey Confidentiality Statement. Link

For all other HEO policies, visit: HEO By-laws & Policies | Hockey Eastern Ontario

Please direct any questions or concerns to [email protected]. We will continue to accept new questions that pertain to the policy. Should the document be revised, it will be shared back out to all.

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